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Introducing Connect Dental

Henry Schein has been active in New Zealand for more than 50 years. In that time we have become the market leaders in providing you with the latest, and most innovative, products in dentistry. We are proud to have been a pioneer and with a great team onboard we were able to develop, adapt and commercialise a full CAD/CAM solution for both dentists and dental technicians. We provide products and services that enable dental teams to work closer together, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of their restorations and patient outcomes.Today, these technologies are no longer reserved for a specific sized practice or laboratory. The significant benefits that are being seen with the introduction of digital workflows and single appointment CAD/CAM dentistry, are fast driving change in how dentistry is practiced in our market.

Beyond the choice of products, you, the practitioner, also expect a high level of service to ensure a solid long term investment that will continue to deliver. Henry Schein New Zealand has addressed these needs and, building on our unique experience in CAD/CAM, we have created Connect Dental.

We have brought together a selection of market leading, connected technologies, equipment and innovative materials for increasingly reliable and aesthetic restorations. This is complimented by accompanying services that are essential to you, your business and the technology you invest in. Together, we can move from an analogue workflow to a digital one. Dentistry is changing. Let Henry Schein guide you.