NiTi Procodile Reciprocat File 050 Taper 04 25mm-length Pkt6

Product Code: K-PR0C4L25204050


With its completely revised file design, Procodile is a totally new species in the kingdom of root canal preparation. The innovative, variably-tapered file core makes Procodile noticeably more efficient and flexible and, therefore, ideally suited for the perfect shaping of the root canal and a high-quality preparation. Procodile can be distinguished from all other files at first glance by its unmistakable green colored ring.

Fast and efficient substance removal.
Thanks to the innovative, variably-tapered file core, the chip space of the Procodile files is increased by up to 12 % *. Infected tissue is removed even more efficiently from the root canal thereby allowing for optimum preparation time.

Optimum preparation even of curved root canals.
Thanks to its variably-tapered core and double-S cross section, the intelligent design of this file offers up to 44 % more flexibility. For this reason, even curved root canals can be prepared in complete safety without alterations of the shape.

The clear and concise Procodile system is comprised of 4 main sequences for narrow, medium and wide canals. Each sequence contains a small selection of files for an easier choice and greater clarity. For perfect obturations, we provide matching paper and gutta-percha points.

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