A Game Changer For Chairside Splint Production
From their inception, porcelain laminate veneers have become a staple in modern cosmetic practice. Their indications include the corrections of tooth shape and position, closing of diastemas and masking tooth discoloration. In terms of aesthetics and tooth conservation, these restorations have been proven to be incredibly successful.
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Understanding Latex Allergy In Dental Practice
An unprecedented rise of latex allergy in dental and medical health care providers (HCPs) and individuals with specific health problems followed the adoption of measures to prevent the spread of infections (HIV, Hepatitis) and bloodborne pathogens.
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Rubber Dam Isolation
The utilisation of rubber dam has always been taught to be mandatory for endodontic procedures however the indication for use extends also to restorative dentistry in assisting to perform procedures optimally, efficiently, and safely.
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The procedures required to prepare a contaminated reusable device ready for its intended use involve several steps. Known as instrument reprocessing, these steps follow an orderly flow from cleaning through to sterilisation and storage.
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Maintaining Your Statim Steriliser
Keeping the STATIM cassette clean is good clinical practice and assists in the proper functioning of the unit. It is recommended that the interior surface be cleaned at least twice a week.
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