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Invisalign Go training course

7th Oct 2019 | Auckland
Presented by
Dr Gabrielle Klingberg
A teeth-straightening treatment designed especially for dentists. Invisalign Go clear aligners are easy to use, offering up to 20 aligners for treatment of the second premolar to second premolar in as little as 3 months.
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Endodontic Challenges

4 CPD hrs | 17 Oct 2019 | Wellington
Presented by
Steve Shepherd
With an ever increasing number of endodontic treatments being done each day, it has become imperative to avoid or minimise the most fundamental of reasons leading to endodontic failure.
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Advanced Endodontic Concepts

14 CPD hrs | 25-26 Oct 2019 | Queenstown
Presented by
Dr Mike Gordon
This two-day advanced course is designed to enhance all aspects of your endodontic care based on current evidence and best practice.
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Endodontic Success, the steps to achieve...

7 CPD hrs | 9 Nov 2019 | Auckland
Presented by
Dr Peter Cathro
Endodontics can be a technically demanding aspect of dentistry. However, with the continued advancement of technology, the predictability of treatment can be enhanced, along with your enjoyment in providing it.
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1 Day Advanced Endodontic Workshop

7 CPD hrs | 8th Nov 2019 | Auckland
Presented by
Dr Shalin Desai
The one day course is primarily a hands-on workshop for access preparation, locating and shaping of the root canal system as well as using current techniques and tools for root filling. The participants would gain ample practice on extracted teeth with a view to gradual and smooth transition into their clinical practice.
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