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Endodontic Challenges - Christchurch

8 CPD hrs | 16th August 2019 | Christchurch
Presented by
Dr James A Wealleans & Steve Shepherd
Because of the emotional effects that Endo procedures can elicit, overcoming the associated challenges in each step of the workflow can have a big impact, on both the patient and clinician.
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Enhanced Endodontics

7 CPD hrs | 23rd August 2019 | Auckland
Presented by
Dr Geoffrey Young
Contemporary endodontics has seen unprecedented advances in diagnostic imaging, instruments, and materials. This course will show participants how to effectively integrate important technologic advancements into daily practice to improve endodontic treatment outcomes.
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1 Day Advanced Endodontic Workshop

7 CPD hrs | 8th Nov 2019 | Auckland
Presented by
Dr Shalin Desai
The one day course is primarily a hands-on workshop for access preparation, locating and shaping of the root canal system as well as using current techniques and tools for root filling. The participants would gain ample practice on extracted teeth with a view to gradual and smooth transition into their clinical practice.
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Reciprocation - Technical Guide to Shaping

6 CPD hrs | 16th November 2019 | Palmerston North
Presented by
Dr Abdul Aziz & Steve Shepherd
This course will introduce you to the latest in Reciprocating Technology including some of the most advanced File Systems currently available. The course is of interest to general dentists who would like to advance their clinical skill set to make Endo more predictable and the steps from Canal location/Negotiation/Shaping much more streamlined and affordable.
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