Cattani Turbo Smart Systems

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Be SMART about your suction and reduce your power bills

Cattani SMART Suction Systems – Micro SMART and Turbo SMART – are the brains behind your practice, using intelligent technology and design to provide consistent, high-performance suction while cutting energy costs.


The Cattani Turbo SMART is the most powerful semi-wet suction system of its kind*. It’s also the smartest. Its variable speed drive senses changes in how the suction is being used and automatically adapts to provide you with powerful vacuum and high airflow.

The Turbo SMART can also be supplied with (or retrofitted at a later date) the Cattani ISO-18 Amalgam Retention system, which is compliant to ISO 11143 and has a retention rate of 98.1%.

Turbo SMART is as smart as a suction systems get.

It constantly detects the demand on the system by sensing the vacuum level in the suction line. When the vacuum level drops, indicating that the number of surgeries using the suction has increased, Turbo SMART reacts by increasing the speed of the suction motor. When the vacuum increases, indicating that less surgeries are using the suction, Turbo SMART slows down. And it all happens instantly and automatically.

*Cattani Turbo SMART has a maximum pressure of –210 mbar.

Keypad Display

The keypad display gives you and your technician easy access to information on the operation and running of your Micro Smart, including:

  • Running temperatures, including maximum temperature reached
  • Vacuum level
  • Number of hours the system has run and number of motor starts
  • Electrical absorption of the motors
  • “Amalgam cup full” warning

Using the keypad display, your technician can adjust settings to your requirements and preference, including things such as maximum pressure settings, pre-set performance levels and run on times.

SMART Cube – Half as Loud*

Cattani’s SMART Cube suction range cuts audible noise by half thanks to the special acoustic housing. The Cubes are also very compact and even more efficient.

*A conservative approximation based on a reduction in the decibel level between the standard suction unit and the SMART Cube of about 10 decibels e.g. from 70 down to 60. In that range, a reduction of 10 decibels halves perceived loudness.

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