• Green Dentistry

Green Dentistry

We are aware of the increasing need to be environmentally responsible, the demand for sustainable products and services has grown exponentially.

From organic produce to hybrid automobiles and green contractors – consumers are demonstrating their commitment to lighten their carbon and ecological footprint with their chequebooks.

This trend is beginning to surface in the dental office as well. Many patients are seeking to align themselves with practitioners who show a commitment to improving both their patients’ health and the health of the environment.

Businesses who are actively working on becoming sustainable cite numerous benefits including:

  • Recognition by their patients and community as an environmental leader
  • Strengthened bottom line through operating efficiencies
  • Improved employee health and morale
  • Marketing edge over their competition
  • More opportunities to further increase productivity and reduce costs.

We are actively looking at ways we can become more sustainable as a business as well as increasing our 'green' product range for our customers.
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