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Smiles for the Pacific

The Smiles for the Pacific project centres around providing free dental treatment, especially those cases which are too difficult for the local dentists.

Nearly 5 years ago Dr Jonathan Cole and some dental colleagues, including his dental assistant Margot Distelzwey set up this charity which involved setting up and running a volunteer dental clinic within the confine of Lautoka Hospital, FIJI.
The concept was to add value to the people of Fiji by offering free treatment and training. 
Since the inception a large number of Australasian dentists, specialists and therapists have volunteered their time helping with a very heavy workload but more importantly making a knowledge donation, by running workshops, lectures or even one on one mentoring.

We have extended our reach in to the arena of donating second hand dental equipment into much needed areas of north western Fiji which is largely forgotten due to its distance from the capital, Suva. 
In doing so we have the opportunity of training their biomedical colleagues to install and maintain dental equipment.

Exchanges have occurred with specialists visiting Fiji and sponsored trips for further training of Fijian colleagues back to NZ, helped by the Newton Wickham Auckland Assn Trust.

Five years has nearly passed and we are continually amazed at the reach of out tentacles adding value to their system. As usual the "Kiwi number 8 wire"  mentality reins supreme and we overcome most hurdles with ingenuity. 

If you have some questions please contact smilespacific@hotmail.co.nz or Jonathan Cole ph 09 527 6322 or  021837273 or view the website: www.smilespacific.co.nz

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